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  1. Looking for one competent crew member to join us for a couple day cruise over the long weekend Friday-Mon Aug 2-5.
    Boat is 30’ Fraser. We are husband, wife & 11 yr old son. Contact me for more info.
    Matthew: 604-354-9827

  2. Crew Available: Available to fill in on as crew from Bowen. I’ve been crewing on a J36 -Harwar, Martin 242’s and others for the past 2 years. Many more years of sailing experience.
    604 803 4400

  3. Hello everyone!
    My partner Warren and I are keen to crew for the round Bowen race, and regularly. We know our way around a boat but are beginners. Great listeners, excellent and generous taste in beer and snacks, ready for anything!
    Happy to race on different boats so let us know if you have a spot for one or both of us 🙂
    Katherine and Warren

    604 657 2952

  4. Hi,

    I’m willing to help crew on any boat. I don’t have any coastal sailing experience aside from a couple day sail cruises around Vancouver & Squamish. I sailed a lot with my Dad growing up on lakes and rivers on a 21’ MacGregor and mirror dingy so I’m not completely useless but I know I have a lot to learn about coastal sailing. I’m willing to do anything needed to help out and learn anything you can teach me 🙂 I live in Vancouver but will drive or meet wherever you need me.


  5. Looking for experienced crew for Round Bowen Race 2018. Peterson 35 with spinnaker. First time in this race but a competitive racer. Come share the fun!

  6. Looking for crew. Round Bowen 2017

    leaving west van yacht club 9am.
    c&C 36

  7. Hey Neil,

    I’m looking for crew for this year, as a few of my regulars have bailed. I have a CS 33′ in Div 7. If you’re interested, email me at curtis dot wensley at gmail dot com.


  8. Hello. I’m looking to Crew in the 2017 Round Bowen Race.
    I live in Burnaby and am available to meet anytime. I crewed in this years Southern Straits Race. I have lots of charter sailing experience but limited racing experience. Good team player and definitely looking to become part of a crew moving forward in other races. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Neil G

  9. HI,
    Extensive and lengthy experience on div2,3 racing.

    Looking for a ride on bowen island spring series,
    wvyc series, etc

  10. Hi Wendy. We leave from west van. can you get over to west van to meet us at west van yacht club at 9am?

  11. Hi, I’m a Bowen resident keen on crewing. I am a novice sailor, who would love the opportunity to sail regularly – either for leisure or racing. I have sailing experience on 30 – 40′ sailboats and have recently become qualified crew through the Vancouver Sailing Club and NauticEd. If you are looking for a crew member who is happy, grateful, easygoing, and hard working, please contact me.

    ps. I always bring along homemade cookies.

    “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.”
    – Old Norwegian Adage

  12. Hey there!

    I’m looking to crew on any boat for the round Bowen race (Or any other races, for that matter). I would prefer to crew with a friend, so if you are looking for 2 people on your boat, here you go.

    While I have virtually no experience on larger keel boats, I have extensive sailing and racing experience in smaller boats such as Lasers and 420 – last summer I completed my CANsail 6 certification at Hollyburn Sailing Club. I have also been training twice a week since early this year with Hollyburn’s race team, sailing a Laser. In addition, I was just recently hired as a junior training program instructor at HSC. I am very eager to expand my sailing knowledge to larger boats, and am prepared to work hard to be a great crew member. Having just turned 17, I am in good physical condition and can do plenty of the physical work on the boat.

    As I mentioned above, it would be great if Ryan, a friend of mine, could join the crew with me – his sailing experience is similar to mine. He has been selected as one of the head volunteers for Hollyburn’s JTP this summer. The pair of us work very well together as a team, having been training partners for about a year.

    Both Ryan and I are available this Saturday for the Round Bowen race. Otherwise, my availability is somewhat uncertain as school is ending and exams are being written.

    Please email me at or text/call me at 604-445-6557 if you are interested at all.

    Thank you very much! I look forwards to crewing with you.


  13. Hello!
    I’m very keen to crew on a boat and get more racing experience. Most of my sailing experience is on FJs, Lasers, Vanguards and Hobie cats. I also have some cruising experience on larger sail boats and catamarans. I took the Beginner, Intermediate & Hobie Cat Lessons with the UBC Sailing Club last summer, and I am planning on taking the Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Lessons this season to be able to take the RS500 boats out. I am a quick learner and am currently studying racing theory. I am fit and very comfortable on water. I would like to spend as much time on the water this upcoming season to learn how to race and improve my skills.

    Avaliability: Weekend & evenings during the week.
    I am based out of Kitsilano, but am ready to travel.

    Like I said, I’m very keen to crew.. so any kind of opportunity is great for me!

    Miguel, 7788746856

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