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If you would like to crew or are looking for crew for your boat, post your request here. Your first comment will be held for moderation, after that your posts will be immediately available. Be sure to add your contact info into the text of the comment.


Racing Crew — 18 Comments

  1. Donald Locke, are you available for racing this Sun Sept 16 23. Give me a call 6045057206

  2. Hi Andy,
    I would love to join you for the RBR. Slow is okay. Why don’t you text me and we can arrange details 647-309-2057. Thanks. Looking forward to it


  3. Hi Jennifer I can accommodate you if you are still looking and don’t mind we will be slow

  4. Hi,
    Anyone looking for extra crew for the RBR?


  5. I am a lifelong sailor including maritime studies semesters, former Outward Bound Seamanship Instructor, offshore delivery crew, and charter boat crew experience; however, all on monohulls and very little racing.

    I’d really like to experience sailing one of the Farrier designed trimarans, or similar (F-27, Corsair 28, Corsair 880, etc.) because I am seriously considering buying one, so if any owners/captains from the multihull class with boats around these sizes need crew or would be willing to take me, I’d be very interested and grateful; either RBR or other races later on in the year.
    Thank you

  6. Jennifer, are you interested in any of the BI series? I need a crew member for this Sun the 16th.
    If not Jennifer anyone else?

  7. Hi Jennifer, the RBR is held on the second Saturday of June which puts it on June 10th this year.

  8. Hi,
    I am a Bowen resident and hoping to crew this year in the Round Bowen Race on June 2. I am an experienced sailor. Please contact me if you are looking for crew.

  9. Hi Bruce, Jane posted her request back in November 2021, so not likely for the most recent series. And no, there is no way to contact people directly. You may have better luck posting on our Facebook Group.

  10. Jane, are you available this Sun Feb 5 as I am short 2 crew for a WVYC race. I sail an Olson 911SE out of EHYC.

  11. I am interested in crewing for the around the island race this year.
    I have 27yrs experience racing keelboats in the great lakes in all positions including spinnaker.
    Raced on 8 metre, CC39, Evelyn32, Viking 22, Viking 28, Capri 25, J105, S2 1.9 etc

  12. Jane are you available for the fall BI series?
    I have raced Nunnehi in the Vanc area for over 20 years doing the BI races in the should er seasons between the WVYC summer and winter series.
    I am looking for some for this Sun Sept 25 anmd possibly the rest of the series.
    Bruce 604-505-7206

  13. Are you already booked for the BI fall series.
    I need someone for this Sun Sept 25.
    I have raced an Olsen911SE year round for over 20 years in the Vancouver area and have religously done the Bowen Isl series between the summer and winter WVYC series.
    My number is 604-505-7206 or email

  14. Have experience racing on keelboats (This winter Polar bear and Snowflakes series as well as “Les voiles de Saint Barth race” last April in the Caribbean). I am presently committed to a boat for Wednesday evening races with WVYC. I am though available for any other races weekends and/or other evening races. Completed Radio, PCO card and one day safety at sea courses this year. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  15. Myself and my partner would be interested in crewing on a keelboat for the Bowen or any other weekend race. I am the HSC Fleet Captain and have an RS400 that we race a lot but no keelboat experience.

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